Touching Lives - Outreach at Christian High

On the 3rd of February, about twenty five members of Joyful Way Inc (JWI) embarked on a trip to Dodowa to share the message that brings redemption to everyone who believes in Christ Jesus, the gospel. This time, we were set to have a marvelous encounter with students of Ghana Christian High.

On the day of the outreach, a panel discussion was organized. This was led by JWI member, Nhyira Sam along with panelists including Sarkodie Kampeligi, Emmanuel Akwasi, and Abigail Arthur. The key issues discussed consisted of failure management, the relevance of focus and determination, employment trends in Ghana as well as the need for self-empowerment.

The students were urged to be risk-takers in the field of business, having in mind that failure is only a stepping stone to move ahead and not a final stage to be arrived at. They were encouraged to have a determination strong enough to outweigh any setbacks they are likely to encounter on their entrepreneurial journey.

In addressing questions from the students,  the panelists shared how God endows His people according to their ability (Mathew 25:14). The speakers added that in choosing a career, students should be driven by their interests and areas they are passionate about. Students who expressed concern about finding balance between their multiple talents were encouraged to prioritize their interests to promote maximum utilization of efforts. They also emphasized the need for students to studiously invest in their academic work and get rid of habits that are likely to interfere with schoolwork.

This was followed by a talk by Anna Addei,  on the theme “Remembering Your Creator in the Days of your Youth.” Building on the term “youth”, she explained that our Yearnings (Y)  should be subjected to the will of God and that we ought to Offer (O) ourselves as living sacrifices. Again, she stated that our gifts are to be Useful (U) in the house of God and we must be conscious about building Habits (H) that keep us closer to our Lord.

Throughout the program, JWI counselors were present to offer any needed assistance to the students. They engaged in private conversations with students who needed direction.

To crown the program, there was a song ministration by the JWI choir. Hundreds of students to the glory of God gave and recommitted their lives to God.

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