The Okuapeman Experience

As part of pursuing our mission to proclaim the gospel and encourage the revival of souls, we set off to Akropong in the Eastern region for an outreach at Okuapeman Senior High School.

Soon after our arrival, the program commenced with a message by life coach, Mr. Michael Effah on the theme “Be the Best Version of Yourself.” He shared some three key elements that the students ought to work on in order to achieve the best version of who they are and want to be. These include their mindset, attitude, and mentorship.

He spoke about developing commitment towards a task or project that one finds himself doing and encouraged the students to have a tenacious attitude towards life, adding that challenges are going to keep springing up in life but the diligent and determined ones are bound to make it through till the end. He urged them to thrive with a positive mindset by believing in themselves and moving further to making maximum use of their efforts.

Afterwards, there was a short session of Q & A where students wanted to know about how to break away from distractions that hinder academic success, ways of dealing with addiction, mentorship and various ways to overcome low self-esteem.

Later in the evening, a gospel concert was led by the JWI choir. As we worshipped and gave thanks, the Lord took His place amongst our praise and freely reigned. There was a special sketch carried out by JWI’s Drama and Choreography team which depicted a lesson of how God comes through for us when we remain steadfast in faith.

Although a word had been prepared for the students, the outpour of the Holy Spirit was so great that the last awakening hours of the program were spent embracing the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. This beautiful movement of revival led by JWI President, Stephen Otoo, was all we needed to receive empowerment and to eagerly lay down our hearts of surrender at the feet of our Lord.

This overpowering experience brought to bare our neediness of God, as well as our hunger and thirst for the things of His kingdom. In the stirring atmosphere, we received a fresh renewal, an amazing rekindling, and graceful redirection of our paths.

On Sunday, the JWI team joined the students for their service which lasted for over an hour. JWI associate, Mr. Samuel A. Coffie, delivered a sermon on the theme “Whose Image are You?” Building on a text from Matthew 22:15-21, he encouraged the students to live so immersed in the principles of the gospel so that their lifestyle would be a Christ-like reflection to the world.

The school choir ministered a beautiful rendition of Joe Mettle’s “Owawani” at the end of the service and an altar call was made to which three hundred and sixty-three (363) students gave their lives to Christ.

We sought God to do such mighty works and He came to sweep our hearts away. This outreach has been one of fullness, we have been deeply satisfied by the wholeness of God and are even more assured that there is no better gift, nothing truly fulfilling like the Presence and abounding love of God.

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