The Changing Face Of Evangelism
The Unchartered Territory (Easter Crusade 2016)

I have been privileged to be on a number of outreach programs in Ghana. On these occasions, I have discovered something fascinating which as an evangelist could dampen my spirit and attitude towards missions.

It appears the older generation or folks (that is, a vast majority of them) are sick and tired of hearing the gospel and so would not waste their time to attend crusades unless one miracle or the other is promised. Others naturally are weak and tired. The children, yes the children are always there and it’s so easy to ignore them. Their stature more often than not is that kind that communicates, “what is the essence of the gospel to these ones?”, and that is where we get it wrong. Jesus Christ once told His disciples to allow the little children to come to Him for such has the Kingdom of Heaven been prepared.

These little ones in our view may be irrelevant, immature but the master has need of all creation. They are not any less of God’s image. They form a part of all that God is reconciling to Himself. Why ignore them?

It is about time we pay much attention to these young ones than the older folks who have lots on their mind. From these little ones, we learn lessons which, even though may seem insignificant, are of so great a value. Lessons which cannot be taught otherwise: lessons older folks would struggle to learn any other way. From these angels, we learn the art of total submission and discipleship, we learn to believe without seeing,  to trust without knowing where it leads us.

The world is yet to see witnesses more effective than the kids we may ignore as we evangelise.  They spread the gospel one to another as each child shares the joys of what he has heard with his companion whose company he shares. See them troop into crusades in strings. Not in singles or doubles but in troops. The Lord’s little army.

Although it is the Holy Spirit who convinces us of sin and of righteousness, the older folks are difficult to bend but with the young ones, proper teachings would influence their whole being as they grow in stature, wisdom and favour before God and man. Invest in the young ones. Let’s not ignore them. Apart from the loud music, only God knows what else draws them into His presence. Let us not drive them away but instead utilize every soul the LORD brings our way.

There’s a charge we have to keep, a calling on the lives of all Christians who reach out to win souls for the Lord. It is that we train up a child in the way he should go so that he may not depart from it. You are tasked just as much as I am to extend a warm welcome to these ones into the kingdom. We are assigned to lift every fallen child, wipe every tear stained face, raise every dashed hope, restore lost purposes and fill the hearts of all these kids with the warmth of God’s love.

Do not hesitate to acquire training on how to evangelize to children. They are assets in God’s kingdom.

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