Outreach at Ashesi University College

March 29th, 2015 was a beautiful Sunday morning at Ashesi University College. The atmosphere was charged with excitement, as Joyful Way Incorporated was going to be worshipping with the Kingdom Christian Fellowship at their annual worship service. The service was themed: “In Christ, I am strengthened”, taken from Psalm 46:1.

The service began with an exposition on the theme by Joseph Otoo, Music Director of the Kingdom Sanctuary Choir (KSC) – host choir of the Kingdom Christian Fellowship. In his exhortation, he encouraged the church to look back and see how far God had brought them, and make that cause enough to let go and sing, dance, praise and worship their eternal King.

And so the service went! KSC, arrayed gorgeously in their spotless white shirts and blue trousers were the first on stage. They ushered the church into a heavenly time of praise and worship with Byron Cage’s “The Presence of the Lord is here.” Next, we declared our love to God in Fred Hammond’s “Lord How I love You.” They led us on finally to sing the wonders of the God in Denzel Agyemang – Prempeh’s rendition of “Onyankopon.”

KSC left a sweet fragrance of worship and praise, which was swiftly taken up by Joyful Way Incorporated. We got the congregation on their feet as together, we declared “I Know Who I am”, to all who would hear. With more praise songs, we led the congregation on a journey to recall the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord in their lives and to ascribe to Him all the praise and worship that is due His name.

Each choir came back a second time to lead sessions of praise and worship. The auditorium was filled with young men and women who could not help but dance their hearts out unto God in genuine appreciation for seeing them through another semester. At the end of our second praise package, we made an altar call, inviting students to surrender their lives to God or rededicate their lives to Him. Many students stepped forward at this call.

The service finally came to an end with a final dose of “hot” praises led by Joyful Way Incorporated. It was a sight to behold as students stacked up their chairs in order to create enough space to praise God with wild dance. They lined up before the stage with handkerchiefs waving and bodies swaying, until the last beat was played. Indeed, God inhabited His peoples’ praises that day.

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