Operation Save Body And Soul
(Easter Crusade 2015)

“Operation Save Body and Soul” our annual Easter Outreach Crusade, was this year taken to the people of Yamoransa and New Ebu in the Central Region. It was held from Thursday 2nd April, to Sunday 5th April under the theme: “Using Our Diverse Gifts”. This year’s outreach was in collaboration with Pioneers Africa (a missionary institution with over 130 African missionaries in different parts of the continent) and International Evangelical Ministries (a local church in Yamoransa). 120 Joyful Way members from Accra, Kumasi and Cape Coast participated.The first night was spent in Yamoransa where we hosted a film show. We were filled with joy as a total of 104 people gave their lives to Christ that night. Day two was spent doing door-to-door evangelism in the two towns. We had the chance to interact with the people and share our faith with them in an atmosphere where they could feel comfortable and ask questions. That evening, we moved our film show to New Ebu while a music crusade was held in Yamoransa. The children of Yamoransa would not be left out, as they arrived in their numbers for the crusade. Our well-trained child evangelism team took them aside and engaged them in Sunday school action songs, memory verses and a bible lesson on the Prodigal son. They numbered 80 in all. In New Ebu, 120 adults and 150 children attended the film show. 55 adults received salvation.

A medical Outreach was held on Saturday, 4th April at Yamoransa. A team of 60 health professionals led the outreach from 9am to 2pm, working hard to attend to the over 300 people that came for medical care. They consisted of 12 medical doctors, 14 medical students, a drug regulator, 5 pharmacists, 7 student pharmacists, 2 physiotherapists, 2 bio-scientists, 2 student bio-scientists, 4 optometrists and 7 nurses. 4 nurses, an ambulance driver, nutritionist and hospital administrator also volunteered from the local Biriwa Hospital. We were blessed and grateful for donations received from: Hills Pharmacy, Indus Pharmacy, Spintex Chemists, Lekma Hospital, Tobinco Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Pharmanova Ltd and Add Pharma. Oh the joy and laughter that could be seen and heard as children, youth and the aged left the outreach grounds clutching their drugs and full of hope that they were going to be well again…not just from the drugs, but from the prayer and faith we shared with them that afternoon.

At the same time, a team of Joyful Way members visited the Biriwa Hospital to donate various cleaning and housekeeping items to the Out Patients’ Department and Children’s ward. We spent some time praying and encouraging patients as well.

The day didn’t end just yet. Later that evening, we held Crusades simultaneously in Yamoransa and New Ebu. Mr. Michael Charway and Mr. Cornelius Habadah gave the sermon and led people to Christ in the respective towns. Again, the children were given their own special attention. A total of 300 children and 159 adults gave their lives and rededicated their lives to Christ.

The final morning of Easter Crusade 2015 was spent in a praise service with the International Evangelical Ministries and our new converts at Yamoransa. We tore down our tents and packed up our equipment, leaving Yamoransa and New Ebu with testimonies on our lips and assurance that there was great rejoicing in heaven over the souls that had been saved. All glory to God!

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