Dear God

Words of gratitude from a fainting heart
Casting my crowns before the only one I call God
You are there when the road leads in diverging directions
Grateful for bringing a balance when the master of reality is in conflict with the core of personality
Grateful that your love enables my love for you
Grateful that you stilled the waters when the waves tossed and turned
Grateful that showed me I am a reflection of you when I struggled with incongruence between my self and my ideal self
Grateful that just thanksgiving brings colour to the cheeks
Grateful that my imperfections are made perfect in you
Grateful that my limitations and weaknesses are just a way for your glory to be manifested in me
Grateful for the past, present and future
Fully conditioned now to stand still because you are there
Eternally grateful because you are God.

AN 11708 Accra-North
Accra, Ghana

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