Mortal Instrument

If I was an instrument…
Will the Lord love to play me?
Would I allow Him to tune me?
Especially, when I’m going off key.
Will He play a tune to show of how
I love Him above all?

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It’s amazing how many things people fear today or show anxiety for. Some are
quite understandable, and others are just plain ridiculous when mentioned. From
the more understandable phobia of dark places, closed

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The Continuous Tense

It all started with a WhatsApp status that triggered a conversation with my good friend Kumi. I had concealed my vicarious lament for Germany’s unprecedented demise in the 2018 FIFA World Cup with

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The Blessings of Mistakes

Question: When and how did you join Joyful Way Inc.?
Answer: I joined Joyful Way Inc. from Mfantsipim in 1992. It was just by accident. I wasn’t invited; I didn’t know anybody in

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The Stage Performance

There is a subtle development in the perception of Christian musical performances that turns to define a good stage ministration as a well set up platform of “wild” instrumentation, good stage lights, nice

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The Wailing Forest

A story is told of a beautiful forest with tiny trees, planted by an old labourer, that were all growing together. This area was however battered by strong winds, against which the trees

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Dear God

Words of gratitude from a fainting heart
Casting my crowns before the only one I call God
You are there when the road leads in diverging directions
Grateful for bringing a balance when

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One People One Accord

Here we are
Gathered as your people
Pulled through the eye of the needle
For us you did the impossible
You did it and not us
And we honour you for thus


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