A Secret Place

There is a place I know, far from all the noise.
Far from all the distractions of this world;
Hidden from the chaos this world can bring.
When I go there, I know I’m safe;
I know that I have come; have come to the One who knows me well.
When I go to this place, I know I can be me:
No masks, no charades — I can bare my heart out,
Stand naked and yet unashamed.

It’s in the presence of my God, my Saviour, my King
My Father, my Friend, my Confidante, my Counsellor.
He is one person and He’s all these to me.
I need never go searching for that character [of His] that I need at the time I approach.
Even before I enter that place,
He’s already assumed the role.
Whether it’s a shoulder to cry on, an ear to hear me out,
A heart to rejoice with, strong arms to hold me tight,
A bold finger to point the way, ready feet to take the lead,
Eyes to see the things I can’t, or a strong grip to hold my feeble hands,
My God, He always knows what I need!

In that place, I know everything will be alright;
He says, ‘Cast your cares on me child!’, and I know He truly means it.
I have His full attention; the apple of His eye!
The doors are always open; at dawn when I rise,
Square in the middle of a nerve-racking day, or
Even when the day’s done and everyone is tire.
Precious Lord, I always find Him there.
And then He gives me strength and boldness
To face whatever comes my way.
I can smile because He gives me peace, right in the eye of the storm.
I find love, hope, joy, grace and favour.
It’s in my secret place…the place called PRAYER.

AN 11708 Accra-North
Accra, Ghana

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